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Brandix Textiles

Brandix Textiles is Sri Lanka's largest woven fabric manufacturer, specialsing in fabric reactive-, vat-, pigment-, sulphur- and pad-dyed cotton and cotton-lycra. Made to unsparing standards, its dyed and printed products reach South East Asian, Mediterranean, South American and now South Indian markets. While more than 60% of its customers are external customers, Brandix Textiles provides more than 50% of the Group's woven fabric requirements.

Brandix Textiles provides more than 50% of the Group's woven fabric requirements

Its revolutionary innovation in textile technology is a result of its strong Research and Development focus and has brought it a reputation for excellent quality and cost effectiveness. The company achieved a national milestone last year when its Makandura woven textile plant became the first locally to receive Fairtrade and Organic certifications from the Institute for Marketecology (IMO) of Switzerland.

IMO Social and Fairtrade certification will give consumers more purchasing options that will align with their values and at the same time, help disadvantaged producers in the developing world regain their costs of sustainable production and invest in social, economic or ecological projects. The GOTS certification is the next step for Brandix Textiles is the definitive global certification for organic textiles and covers the production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, export, import and distribution of all natural fibres.


Brandix TextilesBrandix Textiles


This key link in the Brandix Group prides itself on its product innovation, staying abreast of seasonal trends, as well as its Fairtrade compliance. To enable these capabilities, the company has made a paradigm shift towards grasping new and different opportunities for value creation along the entire supply chain.

Brandix Textiles

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