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Brandix Casualwear Bangladesh Ltd


The state-of-the-art Brandix Casualwear factory situated in Comilla, Bangladesh, started operations in October 2010, producing woven bottoms for reputed customers Marks & Spencer and GAP. This 256,000 sq. ft. facility offers total apparel solutions to the customer from cut to finish as well as Marketing, Merchandising, Product Development and Warehousing services all under one roof.

This facility when fully operational will include 28 sewing lines with a total workforce of over 2,800 Associates and will be the largest employer in the Comilla Export Processing Zone. This factory was designed as a Lean manufacturing unit following the "Mini Factory" layout which is unique to Brandix Casualwear Bangladesh. This "Band" system consists of 4 lines, a cutting unit and a corresponding finishing line. Comprising of 7 Bands in total, Brandix Casualwear Bangladesh will be able to run 7 different styles for 7 different customers at any given time. Using over 1,500 sewing machines, this single shift operation can produce up to 350,000 garments a month.

Our fully functional Wet Processing Unit can wash up to 35,000 pieces a day. This unit is capable of undertaking enzyme, stone and bio wash as well as grinding, hand sanding, spraying and whiskering once the Dry Processing Unit is completed. All waste water generated will be treated in a brand new purpose built Effluent Treatment Plant. This ETP boasts of Chemical as well as Biological Water Treatment mechanisms and has a total capacity of 960 m3 per day. The treated water from this unit will be used for landscaping and toilet flushing. This together with low flow toilet fixtures and self closing taps will reduce the overall water consumption by 50%.

With over 100 skylights fitted and LED task lights for each machine; the lighting load has also been reduced. Together with the highly efficient T5 tube lights and Evaporative Cooling Systems will help trim down the total energy consumption by 45%.

This factory also includes a prayer room, medical centre and a 2-storey canteen with the ability to house up to 900 Associates at any given time. In a short period of 10 months since the facility commenced operations, the factory has passed all compliance requirements from reputed clients Marks & Spencer, GAP, H&M and Sainsbury.

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