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Care For Our Own

Care For Our Own was born out of a simple insight: a large number of associates hailed from villages where access to safe, clean water was a luxury. Since 2006, this initiative has been the flagship initiative of Brandix’s CSR, dedicated to providing access to clean water for underserved communities.


Visitors are always impressed when I tell them my company built a well to support me and my family with our water needs!

W.M.P. Wijethunga – Pannala

I no longer face the inconvenience of having to travel early morning and late night every day to fetch water, thanks to Brandix providing us with a well. Both my family and my community have benefitted immensely from this.

Ayesha Priyadarshani - Kahawatte

Gathering water for my family was very time consuming. Now, life has become more convenient as I am able to spend more time on my children’s education.

Malathi Kusumalatha – Rambukkana

We have seen an overall improvement in our health as a result of having access to clean water.

P.R. Piyanthika - Kahawatte

Thanks to Brandix, my family and 10 other families in my area now have continuous access to water!

Paramalingam Rasikala – Batticaloa

The burden of walking 2 – 3 kms early morning every day to provide my family with water is no more, thanks to Brandix and their timely intervention.

K. Chandrakanthi - Kahawatte

Thanks to the new well, I have peace of mind knowing my family won’t need to travel late at night to fetch water anymore.

Palitha S. Geeganage – Ratmalana

I used to walk for hours in search of water every day, but now that is all but a distant memory thanks to Brandix.

N. Roshana - Kahawatte
Model Village

Launched in 2015, the ‘Model Village’ concept looks back to a time when Sri Lankan villages were built around large bodies of water, temples, and schools. Brandix’s Model Village aimed to resolve water-related issues faced by people living within a 5 km radius of a Brandix factory. Based on analysis, the Brandix group is committed to providing these communities with uninterrupted supply of clean water – in their homes, schools, hospitals and shops.


“Initiated in 2012 at our Casualwear Plant in Ratmalana, the programme has now expanded to across the Group. With the development of our first 68 internal P.A.C.E. Trainers & Master Trainers in 2018, we further expanded the Trainer panel to a 130 by the end of 2019.”


The GAP Inc. flagship initiative - Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement (P.A.C.E) learning program, targets at empowering female workers by building their lives and professional skills by creating an environment of constant learning and skill upgrading.

Educational Modules covered
  • Communication and Negotiation skills
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Execution Excellence
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Problem Solving and Decision Makings
  • Financial Literacy
  • Legal Literacy
  • General and Reproductive Health


Jayanthi Ranawana
Executive – Quality
Brandix Apparel Solutions Limited - Essentials (Rambukkana)

Thilini Prasadika
Staff Technician
Quantum Clothing India Pvt Ltd.
Ran Daru


We believe the education of children is among the most pressing needs of this day and age. That is why the Ran Daru Thilina initiative seeks to drive home the importance of education among the children of Brandix employees. As such, children of Associates working at our apparel manufacturing locations in Sri Lanka and India are presented with an educational hamper comprising of stationery and other school essentials.


Ran Daru Scholarships specifically targets children sitting for the crucial scholarship exams in Grade 5. Stemming from Ran Daru Thilina’s steadfast belief that educational obstacles facing children should be removed, it offers children of associates the peace of mind that comes from knowing they can continue their school education unimpeded.

Blood Drive

One out of every 100 blood donors in Sri Lanka is from Brandix

Understanding how critical a sustained and consistent supply of blood is to the National Blood Transfusion Service, Brandix conducts an annual blood drive as part of an employee-driven initiative across its network in Sri Lanka. In 2019/2020, Brandix donated over 3,500 units of blood – receiving recognition for the tenth consecutive year as the ‘Largest Corporate Blood Donor’. Cumulatively this results in 36,296 pints since the inception of this initiative.

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