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Inspired Lives

At Brandix, our people are the lifeline of our organisation. It is their commitment and tireless efforts that have made Brandix what it is today – a leading apparel exporter in Sri Lanka with a presence in India and Bangladesh. Our 55,000+ Associates are therefore the true architects of our success story.

They are our inspiration; they are our ‘Inspired People’. We celebrate their success, talents and milestones as if they were our own. We believe that each employee brings his or her unique talents and ideas to work every day. We strive, therefore, to pave the path and provide opportunities for our employees to unleash their true potential at Brandix. It is why we remain firm in our commitment to create an engaged workforce and empower our employees to become their best selves both at work and in their personal lives.

Our people’s achievements are many. Be they professional or personal accomplishments, we believe that our employees are a true representation of Inspired Lives at Brandix.

"At Brandix, our sincere intention is to foster and provide an inclusive work environment for our people, giving them the confidence to realise their full potential, both professionally and personally. In essence, we aspire for our employees to become the best version of themselves while they are a part of our ever-expanding family. This is how our people become Inspired People that add value to their own lives, the lives of their families, and the lives of their communities. "


We also believe that learning is a continuous journey in order to become fully-fledged, empowered professionals in the business world. We believe that through training and development, employees can sharpen their competencies to support the Group’s strategic objectives and future growth trajectory. As such, we look to constantly upskill our talent and provide learning platforms to effectively enhance our employees’ awareness levels and experience to face the transitions of the external environment.

Our four-pillar approach to managing our talent includes: Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Talent Development and Talent Engagement. In this manner, we are able to ensure that our people are able to progress in their careers constant assessment and support provided to them by the organisation.

Best Practice

At Brandix, we do not discriminate against race or religion, caste, creed or any other status protected by law. Moreover, we strictly believe that employment should be at the free will of the employee and no individual will be coerced to remain in employment should they not wish to do so. Child labour is strictly prohibited across all our operating locations at Brandix and so, at the time of recruitment, we strictly verify the legal age of a candidate through their NIC, ensuring no children are recruited.

We are an equal opportunity employer and offer equal salary and remuneration to both men and women. Further, the principles of equality and diversity are applied at every stage of the employment process, including recruitment, selection, evaluation, promotion, training and development of all employees. As a result, we have succeeded in maintaining a strong gender balance across our operations in Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh.

Maintaining direct, honest and open relationships with our employees is very important to us. Our open-door policy ensures every one of our employees is heard and understood. However, if an issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily through discussion, employees have the choice of escalating the matter to the official Ombudsman for appropriate action.

A culture of safety-first permeates through every level of our organization. This is particularly the case when it comes to employees whose roles require close involvement in the production process. Developing and applying highly effective Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Systems – such as training and safety induction, proper use of in-house machinery, identifying and reporting hazards, first aid, fire evacuation drills, handling of chemical hazards, etc., - are now enshrined in Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at each plant. At the production floor this entails that no employee is involved in any occupational process that could pose a health risk. It also means that every Brandix factory has a Health and Safety Committee, representing 100% of the workforce, chaired by the respective Plant Operations Manager. This committee is accountable for workforce safety, required to meet at least once a month to review safety standards, and analyse past incidents (if any) for breaches in safety protocols.


Safe-to-Speak-Up Policy

The Brandix Safe-to-Speak-Up Policy

As we continue to live by our RITE values of Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence, we believe it is vital that a safe environment exists for everyone to Speak-Up. Read more about our Safe-to-Speak-Up Policy here.

Talent Development

Brandix prides itself as a place of continuous learning. As such, the Group is committed to ensuring that all employees have access to learning and development tools that would enable their growth as an employee. The L&D model at Brandix can be distilled to a 70:20:10 model - each employee at Brandix is to undergo training for his/her specific job function and peripheral training such as leadership and decision-making skills. Combined, this supports the journey to identify new leadership and facilitates smoother managerial transitioning at every level of the organisation.

Our Non-Executive employees, particularly the larger proportion of the female segment, have access to the Personal Achiever and Career Enhancement (P.A.C.E.), initiative of Brandix client, Gap Inc., providing our employees with learning content on life skills education. These include Communication, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Time & Stress Management, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Financial Literacy, Legal Literacy & Social Entitlement, General & Reproductive Health, and Execution Excellence.

Employee Engagement

Our positioning as an employer of choice among the most skilled and qualified Sri Lanka is built on the premise of a consultative and participative approach to engagement.

Employee Councils function as the main channel of communication between the employees and management of Brandix since 2005. The councils, with explicit objective of improving welfare of employees, ensure internal disputes are settled efficiently and with minimum interruption to production.

Aside from formal channels, our employees are encouraged to engage with their colleagues at all levels through a range of informal activities designed to foster team spirit and a sense of camaraderie among Brandix employees. In an organization where we consider our people our core strength, we constantly look for newer and more proactive ways to inspire and motivate employees to seek out new challenges and provide a platform to celebrate their achievements.

One such initiative is the Group’s quarterly publication Viyaman, which features original creations (poetry, art, cartoons and short stories) of our own employees, promoting a sense of inter-connection throughout the Brandix Group. Viyaman significantly is the largest privately circulated in-house magazine in Sri Lanka and is primarily in the Sinhala language, supported by Tamil articles submitted by our employees based in the East. Our employees receive the newsletter free of charge and in keeping with Brandix eco-friendly initiatives, ‘Viyaman’ is printed on FSC certified paper using vegetable-oil based ink, while an online PDF version is made available to all Executives at Brandix.

Another key employee engagement initiative of Brandix and a calendar highlight is the Brandix Rasadiya Mangalya award celebration. This entails a grand celebration of our employees for their performance as ‘Employee of the Year’ as well as ‘Supervisor of the Year’ during the relevant financial year, as well as provide a platform to our skilled employees to bring to light their talents in singing, dancing, and announcing through exhilarating performances enrapturing an audience of over 5,000 employees. This is one of the success stories of Brandix where support and participation from our employees has garnered immense hype and anticipation year after year.


Brandix employees have always displayed creativity and artistic talent that go beyond their professional duties. To celebrate this, we launched Brandix Rasadiya Mangalya, a platform for talented employees to explore the liberation of self-expression that comes from public performance. Having continued the tradition for nearly a decade, Rasadiya Mangalya offers competitions ranging from Rasadiya Gee Tharuwa (Singing Star) Rasadiya Narthana Tharu (Dancing Stars) a team-based event, and Rasadiya Nivedana Tharuwa (Announcing Star).

The finale comprises an entertainment extravaganza attended and viewed by nearly 5,000 Brandix Associates, where the coveted titles for the main competitions, as well as for ‘Rasadiya Kusalanaya’ – finale of Brandix’s volleyball tournament, Mech Challenge – recognition of excellence in mechanics, and EOY (Employee of the Year) and SOY (Supervisor of the Year) are awarded to outstanding Associates across the Brandix network.

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