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At Brandix we aim to constantly inspire our staff - an organization is after all a sum of the people it employs.

Renuka's story
In a life full of uncertainty, the flame of hope burns on - this is Renuka's Story

In Renuka Ratnayake's bittersweet life, it burns brightly. Joining Brandix as a helper 17 years ago in November 1989, Renuka's diligence led her to becoming a machine operator, line leader and now the most senior machine operator in the sample room.

Tragedy struck five years ago when Renuka lost her husband in a road accident. Her job at Brandix gave her a vital lifeline to support herself and two children. Her hard work and perseverance has resulted in her daughter learning pattern making at the Brandix College and her son securing employment in Dubai.

Another day etched in Renuka's memory will be December 19, 2006, when seventeen years and 5 days after joining Brandix, when she became the first recipient of the 'Water is Life: Care for Our Own' initiative. Renuka's water supply had been unusable due to a high concentration of calcite. Brandix installed a water purification unit that turned the yellow water clean and potable.

My aim is for my daughter to complete her studies and join Brandix.

A beaming Renuka says, "I am very thankful to Brandix for this facility. Now I no longer have to go out at night in search of water. Even my neighbours are full of praise for what Brandix has done. Over the years, I have received many similar benefits from the company." Vindicating her long standing trust in Brandix she also says, "Brandix is a very good organization. "My aim is for my daughter to complete her studies and join Brandix."


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