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Saman Priyantha's story
In a life full of uncertainty, the flame of hope burns on - this is Renuka's Story

In desperate need of water, the only well they could find close enough was near a paddy field, which was 1km away. His mother and wife had to endure the hardship of carrying heavy pots and containers filled with water every single day in order to carry out their daily activities. Their son also helped by taking with him a wheelbarrow or his bike.

In 2009, Saman applied for and was chosen as a beneficiary under the Brandix Care for our Own initiative.

One evening, his wife had seen a monk on his way to the public well to bathe. After hearing about the monk, Saman was overcome by a sense of sorrow towards him and the temple, having realized that his family was not the only people going through a hard time due to the lack of water.

He then decided to donate the well to the temple despite the fact that his family would still have to bear the heavy burden of carrying water to their home. His generosity helped in supplying tap lines to the public hall as well as for the people meditating.

In 2011, Saman re-applied for the Care for our Own initiative and was chosen once again as a beneficiary.

Recognizing Saman's personal sacrifice and generosity, he was chosen as a recipient of the 2013 "NihandaDiyawara" World Water Day initiative


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Renuka Rathnayake

Getting through life's misfortunes - with determination and just a little bit of help