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The internship programme at Brandix is set to give you great insight into the way of life at Brandix. You will be able to experience first-hand the way our inspired people help drive a business that has extended its reach beyond local borders into becoming a leading contender in the global apparel industry. This six-month programme is designed to sharpen your theoretical foundations with practical skills, honing you to become a consummate professional geared to take on the challenges and opportunities of the corporate world.


Working as an Intern at Brandix is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was delighted when I was provided with an internship opportunity to work with the Corporate Communications team at Brandix. I had the opportunity to collaborate with different departments, visit multiple SBUs, learn about Corporate Communications, work with agencies - I love the Brandix way of life! Work was never repetitive and each new day, I wake up excited and thrilled to go to work. Reflecting on my internship, I am grateful for being blessed with an inspiring, motivating and supportive team as they are the pillars to my success at Brandix. Life at Brandix is not only about the apparel industry; witnessing the efforts, stories, and the people who go the extra mile to make communities, schools, hospitals, public institutions and Sri Lanka a better place is very extraordinary. I am proud to be part of the Brandix family.

Kewin Perera

Working as an intern at Brandix in HR has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I assumed at this level I would be doing simple tasks but was pleasantly surprised when my leaders involved me in core HR functions such as recruitment and learning and development which involved strategic and operational work. I was also given the opportunity to lead projects based on aspects such as promoting diversity in the organisation. I love the culture here where everyone is encouraged to live the Brandix way of life that fosters integrity, teamwork, customer service, learning & development, and ownership and commitment. Brandix has provided me with great exposure and I am able to learn something new on a daily basis.

Serena Jayasinghe

Working at Brandix as an Intern in the HR Department has been the most outstanding experience in my life so far. I was so grateful when I heard that I got the opportunity to join the Brandix team. I love the Brandix way of life which resonates the company’s values of Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence (R.I.T.E.). During my internship, I was able to enhance my knowledge and experience and improve myself step by step. In my role, I learned how to screen the important parts of a resume for a specific position as well as become proficient in enrolling Interns and Executives to the company. I’m happy to say that all my colleagues are helpful to an extent where the value of ‘teamwork’ has been exceptionally clear throughout. We cooperate as a group helping each other to accomplish our goals and the objectives of the company. Brandix has given me opportunities through exposure to different challenging tasks. I am truly proud to be part of the Brandix family.

Anasuya Devanarayana

First, I’ve got to say that if you are looking for a place to start your career, Brandix has the perfect environment! I joined Brandix as a Learning & Development Intern and am really impressed with the exposure and learning I have gained to date. At Brandix, the work you do does not only circle around your job role. Each day, I would be assigned to do different tasks and each day I would leave office having learnt something completely new and adding value to myself. I was also able to take part in many important projects, even in instances where I have wondered how I, as an intern, could add value. But that’s the culture and way of life at Brandix - it really is a whole different vibe. Everyone is friendly and helpful that you just naturally fit in. Working here has helped me learn and develop myself in ways I hadn’t anticipated. I can proudly say that being an Intern at Brandix has been a unique experience and I have certainly loved every minute of it.

Nanath Jayawickrama
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